Grab Your Mates And Play Along With This Real-Life Immersive Gaming Experience On London's South Bank

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Grab Your Mates And Play Along With This Real-Life Immersive Gaming Experience On London's South Bank

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London has long been a city at the cutting edge of, well, pretty much everything. But when it comes to one-of-a-kind experiences in the capital, there’s new company in town that transforms how you do nights out with your mates.

Their name? Electronic Theatre. But to call what they’ve brought to London’s South Bank ‘theatre’ is somewhat misleading. These group adventures are a little more… surprising than that. In each of their pod-like ‘LightBox’ rooms, you and your friends can take on a range of bold, bright, digital challenges that fuse cutting-edge technology with a social heart.

Techniques like projection mapping, touch screens, surround sound and motion tracking are used to create a 360-degree gaming experience like you’ve never seen before. From royal rescue missions to alien invasions, this is where your clan can descend for up to an hour of no-holds-barred, state-of-the-art adventure. All with a healthy little dollop of competition, of course.

Yet while many gaming experiences remove you from reality, Electronic Theatre enhances it. There are no bulky headsets or giant helmets here. Instead, lightweight visors contain all the tracking elements necessary to bring the challenges to life around you.

That’s crucial, because these hyper-immersive games are designed to be played as a team. Each LightBox can fit up to six players, and all your noggins are needed in order to emerge triumphant. While the snazzy technologies will have you chomping at the bit, Electronic Theatre’s main goal is to create a brand new genre of entertainment that helps people create shared memories. "Electronic Theatre is all about making screen time social again” says founder, Will Dean. "We’re not anti-technology; we want to use technology to bring people together, and do so through the power of shared play".

Will already has some pretty serious credentials in this area and you've probably already heard of his other venture: the world-famous obstacle race, Tough Mudder. But while Tough Mudder requires the focus of a tiger and the physical endurance of a bull, Electronic Theatre needs nothing more than your sense of adventure and that nifty little visor.

Think of it like virtual reality gaming, mixed with an escape room, sprinkled with a night of Jenga down the pub with your mates. Each digital adventure lasts either 30 or 60 minutes, which you can tackle with your chosen bunch of buddies, or alone if you're flying solo. You can even up the ante by taking on total strangers – the choice is yours! Whether you’re a stalwart gamer, technology-lover, competition mad or simply a social butterfly, Electronic Theatre offers something not yet seen before in London. Game on.

Electronic Theatre, Arch 3, 83 Scoresby Street, Southwark, SE1 0XN. Tickets cost from £20 per person, find out more about the experience and book at the Electronic Theatre website.

Last Updated 06 November 2019