Learn How London Is Protecting Itself From Terrorist Threats

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Learn How London Is Protecting Itself From Terrorist Threats

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If you've ever wondered how global issues like increased cyber and terrorist threats could impact London, wonder no more. ICE (the Institution of Civil Engineers) is launching a series of free events and lectures looking at the topic of  Preparing London for Change. This is the place to learn how London's infrastructure is getting ready for various external threats — brace yourself.

For engineers developing London's built environment, issues like climate change, cyber and terrorist threats, and extreme weather are major challenges. ICE's Knowledge Programme — running from March-July — will explain just how today's developments will change London.

Often, change is good. Some changes on the horizon, though, have the potential to be damaging in terms of our city's infrastructure. This is exactly why ICE want Londoners to learn about how to prepare for our altering landscape.

At the first lecture on 27 March, the topic is Human Threats to London's Infrastructure: listen and learn as senior engineers discuss exactly how they are working to prevent terrorist and cyber attacks in infrastructure.

Cyber-security and building work may not be the most obvious pairing: but issues such as where to locate hubs and servers so they are best protected — and the reality that today nearly everything emits a signal — means cyber-security is a huge consideration for engineers.

Think it may be time to learn about our city's future? Book here for the free Human Threats to London's Infrastructure evening lecture, taking place at 7pm on 27 March.

Last Updated 06 March 2017