Looking For Love In London? Ditch Dating Drama And Try Pickable

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Looking For Love In London? Ditch Dating Drama And Try Pickable

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Dating apps have totally transformed the way we find love in the 21st century. But for all their promises of bringing people together, sometimes they seem like more trouble than they're worth. Let's say you match with someone gorgeous and start messaging. Without the come-hither glances and other non-verbal cues you get in person, how do you know when it's time to take things offline and, y'know, actually ask them out?

Pickable makes things much simpler. The free platform's unique set-up is specially designed to eliminate small talk that leads nowhere and bring interactions into the real world that much faster. How, you ask? By making its female users completely invisible.

Allow us to explain: men sign up with a name and a picture, plus the option to add a short bio if they've got the gift of the gab. Women are free to browse these profiles completely anonymously until they find one that piques their interest. Then, they send a private photo and chat request to the object of their affections — who will know right off the bat that the lady in question is genuinely up for getting to know them.

It goes without saying that Pickable is brilliant for women, too. With no profile, the risk of unsolicited messages or unwanted exposure disappears. And while they make the first move, once the chat request is sent, the playing field is totally levelled: whoever wants to initiate that first message is free to do so.

While guys are free to rest on their laurels as they wait for those matches to roll in, they don't necessarily have to. Sure, there aren't profiles to ponder over, but men do get to see how many women are browsing in their area, how many chat requests they've received, and how many times their profile has been viewed. They can even see how they rank regionally — so they know whether they're at the top of the game or they could do with giving their profile another once-over.

Pickable is totally free on iOS and Android. Give it a go and start your drama-free dating adventure today.

Last Updated 10 December 2018