London Singletons! Give This Dating App's Unique 'Love Experiment' A Go

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London Singletons! Give This Dating App's Unique 'Love Experiment' A Go

This is a sponsored article on behalf of Once.

Would you rather win the lottery, or double your lifespan? Have lunch with the Dalai Lama, or Barack Obama? Have the ability to breathe underwater, or the chance to meet aliens?

These are just a few of the questions posed by The Love Experiment, a brand new matchmaking test by slow dating pioneers Once. It's the first dating app algorithm created by an all-female team and a reflection of Once's raison d'etre: swapping endless, image-centric swiping for meaningful connections by offering users just a single, carefully selected match each day.

Could this quality-over-quantity approach be the solution to London's oversaturating dating scene? Read on to see for yourself.

To create The Love Experiment, Once CEO Clementine Lalande enlisted the help of French psychoanalyst Fabienne Kramer and British psychologist Dannielle Haig. Together, they devised a set of 28 questions inspired by transactional analysis, analytical psychology, and behavioural analysis in order to identify a person's emotional profile.

Some of these questions might appear a little unusual, but there's method to their madness: each one assesses an individual on one of four key axes: extroversion, physicality, independence, and intuition.

Once completed, your emotional profile is immediately revealed in the form of one of 16 unique archetypes. Are you an artist or an astronaut? A knight or a magician? A pilot or a professor? There's only one way to find out...

Archetype established, you've then got the chance to connect with other singles based on your compatibility. This is where things get really interesting: you can either opt for someone who has identical results to yours (a 'magnetic attraction'), select a singleton with just enough differences to keep things interesting (AKA, a 'chemical bond') or go for an 'explosive reaction' with your polar opposite.

"It's 2020. We know that not everyone is looking for a 49 year marriage... we believe it's important to leave singles in the driving seat when it comes to their destiny", Clementine Lalande explains.

She sees The Love Experiment more as a guide than a strict formula."If you take the test, you get three very different outcomes, and then you can decide what the ‘love experiment’ looks like for you."

That's not to suggest that it's a shot in the dark, though. Once used the emotional profiling test to analyse over 1000 existing couples — including one that has been together for nearly five decades — and conclusively establish which emotional profiles are most compatible. The study revealed that a very subtle set of differences between pairs was in fact the secret to their success, with the best emotional matches sharing three of the four axes explored within the test.

Curious to see what your archetype is? Once is available via Google Play and the App Store, and it's totally free to download.

Give it a go today and discover a different way of dating in London.

Last Updated 02 July 2021