Boost Your Business With Fiverr: The Freelance Marketplace Packed With The Experts You Need, From Logo Design To Marketing

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Last Updated 08 January 2020

Boost Your Business With Fiverr: The Freelance Marketplace Packed With The Experts You Need, From Logo Design To Marketing

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New York may be the city of dreams. Los Angeles may be the city of angels. But London is the city of start-ups. Whatever your business need — whether you’re after a custom logo design or a last minute video animation to accompany your big pitch — Fiverr has the freelancer for you.

It’s simple. Fiverr is a worldwide digital freelance community. Graphic designers, proofreaders, SEO experts, video editors, translators, podcast editors, web programmers — you name it, they’re all signed up and ready to help with your business. All you have to do is pick the service you need, filter by preference and you’ll soon have a bunch of top-notch candidates to pick from.

From the smallest start-up to the big boys of business, the beauty is in the flexibility. Google, Netflix and Paypal are already among the names on Fiverr's impressive client list.

Let’s say you’re looking for a freelance logo designer to create the logo of your dreams. Fiverr allows you to look through the portfolios of hundreds of talented designers, all at a budget that works for you. You could even hire the designer of the Apple logo, Rob Janoff!

Already know the style you want? Use the filter to narrow down the results until you're faced with the companies who can help make your vision a reality. Not sure where to begin? Share some information about your brand’s personality instead. That way, you’ll only get suggestions for people with the creative nous to craft your logo design from the ground up. Everything is ready in a matter of clicks and ordered with up front, fixed prices. No awkward haggling or last-minute negotiations in sight.

There are plenty of other categories to filter by too. Need somebody who speaks Spanish? Only want to work with people based near your London office? Got an urgent task with a 24-hour turnaround? The goal of Fiverr is to cut through the crowds and connect businesses with only the right people for the job. Every freelancer comes with their own feedback rating and samples of previous work, so it’s easy peasy to find your ideal match.

Every four seconds somebody hires a freelancer on Fiverr — that’s a lot of logo designs, web pages, custom adverts and blog posts! Become part of the productive community and sign up to Fiverr today. Your to-do list will be eternally grateful.

To find out more about Fiverr, how it works and how you can find the perfect freelance service for your business, visit the Fiverr website.