Should Harry Kane Have His Own Statue In London?

Harry Rosehill
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Should Harry Kane Have His Own Statue In London?

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The man. The myth. The legend.

[Update: Since we first published this article Captain Kane has added another goal to his tally, bringing his total up to six. He also scored in a penalty shootout, and England are now into a World Cup quarter-final for the first time in 12 years. It's coming home...]

Harry Kane. Get that man a knighthood. Or, how about a statue?

So yes, we know we're dreaming a little here — England haven't won anything yet, they haven't played any 'quality' teams yet, yada yada yada — but what's so wrong about dreaming? Even if England were to lose their next two games, and Kane never scored another World Cup goal, he'd still have five goals in the tournament, making him the second highest English goalscorer in World Cup history.

Let's put it this way, Geoff Hurst only scored four in 1966, Harry Kane has scored five in just two games this tournament. If Hurst has a statue, surely it's only a matter of time for Kane....

And yes, we know, Geoff Hurst's victory was in a World Cup final, which is a little bit different to bagging a hat trick against Panama, but we're not being totally facetious either. There aren't many statues in London of people who are still alive, but of those that do exist, they're mostly of professional footballers. That list includes another Spurs cult hero, Ledley King, who though beloved by Tottenham fans, never performed for the national team at such a consistently high level.

The perfect place for Harry's new statue.

Then there's the impending launch of Tottenham's new stadium. It seems like one of the main aims of this behemoth is to try and outdo north London neighbours, Arsenal, in every way imaginable. For example the capacity is to be 61,000 people, a provocative 568 more than the nearby Emirates.

What does the Emirates have that there are currently no signs of at Tottenham? Statues, and plenty of them. But if Spurs were to build an effigy in honour of England's hero, that might just outdo all of Arsenal's.

He's still got (hopefully many) more games to play for England in this World Cup, let alone whatever future tournaments hold. These will all offer up plenty more opportunities for the man from north east London to — literally — cement his legacy for England.

Last Updated 05 July 2018