How London Reacted To England's Win Over Colombia

Laura Reynolds
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How London Reacted To England's Win Over Colombia

From the reactions to last night's win over Colombia, you'd be forgiven for thinking football had already come home. When England made it into the final eight of the World Cup, London was a very happy place to be. Here's how the capital reacted.

One member of Team Londonist spotted these jubilant scenes on Essex Road:

It was a similar scene in Angel, as shown in this video shared on Reddit:

The scenes in angel after the win tonight from r/london

Meanwhile, somebody at TfL got a bit jubilant, blasting out a rendition of Vindaloo over the tanoy system on a Victoria line platform:

Vindaloo on the Victoria Line last night! from r/london

Things got a bit, er, lively on this bus in Finsbury Park:

The area around Tottenham Court Road and Charing Cross Road was once again blocked by fans revelling in the street:

We *think* this is BoxPark in Croydon

Flat Iron Square:

London Bridge:

Somewhere in the East End:

The most British reactions on Twitter

Were these people in London? Who cares โ€” their reactions were so British, we had to share them.

The musical reactions (sound on to watch)

Knighthood for whoever initiated this please:

Last but not least, it's not London-specific, but every fan needs to watch this at least once. Oh, there seems to be something in our eye...

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Last Updated 04 July 2018