Quiz! Which Sustainable Christmas Gifts To Buy Your Friends, Family And Colleagues?

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Last Updated 09 December 2022

Quiz! Which Sustainable Christmas Gifts To Buy Your Friends, Family And Colleagues?

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A young woman gives a young man a gift with a red bow
This Xmas, go for gifts that don't cost the earth (or indeed, the planet). Image: Shutterstock

It's time to start thinking about those Christmas gifts...

But in a world where there's so much waste, the question is: what to buy without just creating more waste?

Enter The Mindful Shopper, a new curated guide designed to help Londoners make planet-friendly shopping decisions. Here, you'll find over 30 sustainable businesses, specialising in everything from clothing and fashion, to items for kids and babies, to homeware and personal care, to food and drink.

There's a sleigh-full of sustainable gifts to choose from, but one thing links them all: they're all eco-friendly. Oh yes, lots are friendly on the wallet, too.

Sounds interesting, right? But what to buy who? Use this quick quiz to discover the perfect present pairings.

Take the Quiz! Mindful Christmas Gifts for Your Friends, Family and Colleagues

A young woman flicks through a clothes rail
Is your giftee a fashion fanatic? The Mindful Shopper has got some great present ideas for them. Image: Shutterstock

What's your giftee's fave TV show?

a) Tidying Up With Marie Kondo
b) Nadia Bakes
c) Glow Up
d) Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
e) They don't really get a choice in the matter — it's Paw Patrol all the way

Where will you find them hanging out in London?

a) The latest Ideal Homes exhibition
b) Some amazing street food stall they found on Instagram
c) Selfridge's perfume counter
d) Shopping in Hoxton, baby!
e) Endlessly running around parks, playgrounds and play fountains

What's the first thing you notice when you step into their home?

a) How it always looks like a show home
b) The aroma of something delicious wafting out of their kitchen
c) Their flashy new hairdo
d) The drop-dead new dress they're wearing
e) Lego sticking to the bottom of your feet

Which Londoner would be their dream dinner date?

a) David Adjaye, British-Ghanian architect who conceives show-stopping buildings
b) Gordon Ramsay, chef, restaurateur and expletive expert
c) Charlotte Tilbury, world-renowned make-up artist and beauty editor for British Vogue
d) Vivienne Westwood, punk-in-chief, and shaker up of London's sartorial scene
e) Joseph Grimaldi, godfather of modern clowning

The results!

Christmassy candles
Hand-poured candles from The Recycled Candle Company make a great gift.

Mostly As: Your giftee is a house-proud, architectural aesthete! Get them hand-poured candles from The Recycled Candle Company, kind-to-the-planet cleaning products from Homethings, or plastic packaging free household goods from TOPUP TRUCK.
Mostly Bs: Your giftee is a foodie through-and-through! Get them an Oddbox fruit and veg subscription, Rubies in the Rubble condiments (crafted from things that'd otherwise go to waste), or a crate of delicious Toast Ale, made from surplus fresh bread.
Mostly Cs: Your giftee takes serious pride in their appearance, and likes to pamper themself too. Get them high-quality, natural deodorant from Fussy, or some of KANKAN's refillable body wash in a can.
Mostly Ds: Your giftee is a fashion fanatic! Get them pre-love clothes from Thrift+, smart eco socks from Socko, or rent them a glitzy NYE outfit from HURR.
Mostly Es: Your giftee seems to have their hands full with little ones. Get them Petit Pli clothes which grow with the child, a pair of cool Dubs trainers, or an uber cute Noodoll Ricemonster. (But also buy a little something for the adults too!).

Inspired to do your seasonal shopping sustainably? Visit The Mindful Shopper website, and browse the brands, for unique, and affordable, gift ideas.