A Pop-Up Pokémon Centre Is Opening In London

Harry Rosehill
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A Pop-Up Pokémon Centre Is Opening In London
Pikachu in a suit.

Gotta catch 'em all... in Westfield Shepherd's Bush.

To celebrate the release of new games Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield on Nintendo Switch, a pop-up Pokémon Centre is coming to Westfield Shepherd's Bush. The new games take place in a world inspired by the UK (or at least, an antiquated perception of the UK, if the above teaser is anything to go by).

Some may wonder what all the fuss is about. Well, we're promised exclusive London-themed products for sale, and considering that Pokémon has built its brand on a slogan spurring on "ownership", expect these to be popular.

Massive Pikachu greeting children in Japan
Pokémon Centre in Japan. Photo: Shutterstock

It will be the UK's first ever Pokémon Centre, and as far as we know, the first ever Pokémon Centre outside of Japan, which makes it pretty special for fans.

The centre is rumoured to be opening on 18 October, and then sticking around for nearly a month until the games' releases on 15 November.

Pokemon Centre London
An artist's impression of the pop-up

Amusingly — or unsurprisingly, if you're the cynical type — this isn't London's first Pokémon themed pop-up of 2019. A Detective Pikachu pop-up appeared in Covent Garden in May, flush with a Pikachu infinity room, a furry yellow wall to touch and karaoke booths.

Last Updated 06 August 2019