London's Best Fancy Dress Shops

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London's Best Fancy Dress Shops
Best fancy dress and costume shops in London
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Need to get a costume sorted for Halloween? Or got a special fancy dress party coming up? Or maybe you're putting on a play or making a film and need a costume to make it all work. Well whatever your deal is, these are the places to get yourself sorted.

Below is a mix of budget shops where you can buy all-in-one costumes and other bits and bobs, as well as more sophisticated costume stores where stunning costumes are for hire and you're expected to take good care of them.

Escapade fancy dress costume shop, Camden

Escapade fancy dress shop Camden: Best fancy dress and costume shops in London
In an unsurprising turn of events, this photo was taken just before the 2012 Royal Wedding. Photo: Jon Spence

Camden's one of those places where half the characters are constantly playing dress up, so it's quite fitting that there's an excellent fancy dress shop in the area. Escapade has plenty of full costumes, at reasonably affordable prices — Eleven from Stranger Things for just £29? Sold! Or if you just want a small piece to complete your outfit — be that a wig, mask, or whatever — it's got that too.

Favourite find: We grabbed a goblin mask from here, when making a video dedicated to our favourite part of the Overground.

Escapade, 45-46 Chalk Farm Road, Camden, NW1 8AJ

Angels costume shop, Shaftesbury Avenue and Hendon

Angels supplies costumes to silver screen blockbusters, so their wares are definitely satisfactory for your partying purposes. The Covent Garden costume shop dates back to 1840, and has a ridiculously large collection. Here it's all about hiring a costume, most of which will set you back £100-£150 for a week. This place is so epic that people pay just to see the costumes — it costs £20 for a tour.

Favourite find: We can't look past that steampunk get up our video journalist Rami rocks in the above video.

Angels, 119 Shaftesbury Avenue, Covent Garden, WC2H 8AE

Prangsta Costumiers, New Cross

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At Prangsta, every costume is handmade, so no two ever look the same. These are glamorous beasts often harkening back to an alternative version of the early 20th and 19th centuries. Costumes this sophisticated mainly fall under the rental category, and even that will cost you over £100.

Favourite find: Impress everyone at the supervillain party when you turn up in a Harlequin costume that's better than Harley Quinn's own.

Prangsta, 304 New Cross Road, New Cross, SE14 6AF

Mix Max fancy dress shop, Soho

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Hold tight last minute Halloween Costume Crew. I'm sure your girlfriend was joking that costumes were mandatory.

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Mix Max sits next to some of the priciest designer stores thanks to its Soho location. Peek inside them and then Mix Max and see if you can tell the difference. All joking aside, this is another affordable costume shop, especially notable for the fact that it's got wigs and masks galore. Top tip: try to get your costume sorted before the last minute. Otherwise you'll have to face queues like the above.

Favourite find: You can never go wrong with Where's Wally.

Mix Max, 78 Berwick Street, Soho, W1F 8TJ

Mad World Fancy Dress, Old Street and Strand

There are costumes both to buy and hire at Mad World, which bridges the gap between the high and low end fancy dress market. This is another one that rents to TV and film, and there's a team of dedicated stylists to help put every outfit together no matter how bizarre. On the buying side of things, there's a massive selection of wares here in costumes alone, and once you're done perusing them, take a look at the ridiculous number of detailed Venetian masks.

Favourite find: This Bauta Baroque mask, would have been reserved for Venetian nobility — you'll certainly feel special wearing it.

Mad World Fancy Dress, branches in Old Street and Strand

Fancy Dress Town, Bermondsey

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It's all in the name. Fancy Dress Town does plenty of all-in-one costumes, perfect if you're lacking inspiration or the time to put one together piece by piece. Again, this is a buy rather than hire place, so your outfits are going to look a little less professional than others on this list (but a hell of a lot more affordable).

Favourite find: This cockroach costume for anybody looking to get their Metamorphosis on.

Fancy Dress Town, 200 Southwark Park Road, Bermondsey, SE16 3RW

And if you want one that's very niche... The Viking Store, Walthamstow

The does-what-it-says-on-the-tin option. If you're coming here, there's only one thing you're dressing up as: a Viking. This is a popular shop among the LARPing community (that's Live Action Roleplaying, for the uninitiated), where prospective vikings can get kitted out before battle.

Favourite find: There's a whole section of the website solely dedicated to Viking drinking horns.

The Viking Store, 119 Wood Street, Walthamstow, E17 3LL

Last Updated 10 October 2018