Have You Spotted These Treasure Truck Pop-Ups Appearing In London? Sign Up And Get In On The Magic

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Have You Spotted These Treasure Truck Pop-Ups Appearing In London? Sign Up And Get In On The Magic

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London is the big daddy of surprises, a city where you can expect the unexpected. Yet when it comes to passing pop-ups, one-of-a-kind experiences and brag-worthy bargains, a little advance notice can come in pretty handy. After all, would you rather be too lucky, or too late?

When an Amazon Treasure Truck rolls into town with all its pop-up kiosks, you'll want to be one of those savvy people in the know. And you can be, all you need to do is sign up. Here's the score:

On select days of the week, these mystery pop-ups rock up at locations across the capital, hauling some of the most exciting deals on four wheels. How exciting, you ask? One day you might snag an amazing offer on the hottest gaming console, the next you could be meeting your favourite celebrity at their book signing, grabbing half-price speakers or picking up some bargain booze. You may even get a pic with your friendly neighbourhood superhero along the way! The fun is all in the surprise.

Amazon Treasure Trucks London

Previous offers include half price Sony headphones, 60% off a magnum of Tattinger champagne, Olly Murs album launch and signing, Nintendo Classic Mini consoles and 40% off Boodles Mulberry Gin. Heck, they even had a Spider-Man themed virtual reality experience, complete with big prizes, merch giveaways and free slices of pizza. Free pizza! Bargain gin! Electronics at a swizz! It’s a no-brainer.

Precisely which must-have item or experience Treasure Truck is bringing to the capital remains a mystery until the day itself. But you can be sure that the combination of handpicked bargains, seasonal celebrations, interactive games and on-the-spot prizes means these are no ordinary pop-ups. You may even spot a celeb or two — how often does that happen down at your local corner shop?

Amazon Treasure Trucks London

There is one catch: once the Truck is gone, it's gone. No good hearing about it the next day, you've got to be clued up to get your hands on the goods. Luckily, it's easy to find out when the pop-ups are next springing up near you.

All you have to do is sign up via the website (you'll need to log into your Amazon.co.uk account first) or free Amazon Shopping app. When Treasure Truck is next in your neighbourhood, you'll receive an on-the-day text message that reveals exactly which goodies are on offer. If the treasure is right up your street, purchase it instantly via the website or app and then pick it up from your preferred pit stop later that same day. Pretty slick, right?

Earlier this year Amazon added more Treasure Truck pop-ups than ever before, including a whole bunch of London railway stations. There are masses taking part, including Charing Cross, Euston, King’s Cross, Paddington, Liverpool Street, London Bridge and London Waterloo. Basically, it couldn't be much easier to pick up your prize at the end of the day (and maybe indulge in a game, giveaway and free sample or two while you're there). No schlepping required.

Amazon Treasure Truck London

As if that's not enough, there's one final bonus in store for you. New customers can also nab an extra £5 off their first purchase for good measure. That’s an extra fiver off, on top of whatever glorious bargain Treasure Truck is bringing into town that day — sign up here and the discount will be automatically applied to your first purchase. It really does pay to be in the know.

Want to receive Treasure Truck alerts? Simply text TRUCK to 87377 or sign up via the Treasure Truck sign up page. Customers must be logged into their Amazon.co.uk account to sign up. For more information about the Treasure Truck and how it works, please visit the Amazon Treasure Truck About Us page.

Last Updated 17 September 2019