The Griffin

The Griffin

The Griff, as locals don't call it, always struck us as a bit of a nothing pub — a bit shabby round the edges; basically a place to get hammered before going on somewhere with a dance floor. Then it closed for a year or so as part of a redevelopment. The rejuvenated pub, ran by the more-than-competent Barworks group, is much more interesting. It has now usurped the ho-hum Princess as the Londonist office after-work boozer of choice.

It looks much smarter, for starters. The pub of old was one rung up the ladder from sawdust and spittoons. The new-look Griffin is the sort of place you'd be comfortable taking your in-laws, or a business client, yet without ever feeling too polished.

The wine list is meagre, and the cocktails but two (negroni and Manhattan). But the real draw here is the beer. A seemingly endless row of keg pumps decorates the bar with a truly wide range. There's always some whacky 12% grapefruit-flavoured sour bastard (and we're not talking about the bouncer), plus an array of hoppy tipples and milder curiosities. You could basically get hammered here in 20 minutes, if you so chose.

Last updated July 2017.

Pub Features

Ales galore Dog friendly

Address: The Griffin 93 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4RD

[email protected]

Monday: noon-midnight

Tuesday: noon-midnight

Wednesday: noon-midnight

Thursday: noon-midnight

Friday: noon-midnight

Saturday: noon-1am

Sunday: closed

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