Black Dog In Vauxhall

Black Dog In Vauxhall

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With its commanding position on the corner of the rejuvenated 'Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens', the Black Dog's dog days are long in its past. Arriving at 5pm on a workday, the place was already bustling, with not a free table in sight. Clearly a popular choice among locals.

And this was before the pub hit the big time by getting itself namechecked in a Taylor Swift song. It's since had to put on extra staff to cope with demand.

The vibe is semi-gastro; a space well set up for dining, yet still pleasant for those who just want a drink and a natter. Unusually, the pub kitchen is all on show as a continuation of the bar. And what a handsome bar it is. A crescent of Victorian-style glasswork is framed with glazed tiles, the perfect backdrop to a row of spirit bottles.

The pub's a free house, so you never know what'll be on the four hand pumps or keg taps. The spread usually includes Black Dog branded stout, EPA and lager, though we're not sure who the brewer is. Wine drinkers will find still more choice, with about a dozen each of red and white. The food menu changes daily, but includes the usual gamut of gastro good stuff. We like the idea of the 'dog's dinner', a 'plat rapide' of chicken & chips with a pint. The place is even open for breakfast — you could spend your whole day in here.

The Dog also sports a minute drinking yard round the back, and (only downside to the place) even more minute toilets. No room to swing a cat, never mind a black dog.

Spot the dog.

Address: The Black Dog, Freehouse 112 Vauxhall Walk, London SE11 5ER

Phone: 020 7735 4440

[email protected]


Monday: 8am-11.30pm

Tuesday: 8am-11.30pm

Wednesday: 8am-11.30pm

Thursday: 8am-11.30pm

Friday: 8am-12.30pm

Saturday: noon-12.30am

Sunday: noon-9.30pm

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