Things To See At This Year's Camden Fringe

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Things To See At This Year's Camden Fringe

Not going to Edinburgh? If you'd rather avoid the crowds, the costs, the deep fried cuisine, or the meltdown on the trains, hop on the Northern Line instead and check out Camden Fringe.

This year there are over 300 shows. To help you narrow it down, here's our assorted pick and mix of things to see. Always cheap and mostly cheerful...

VAN GOGH ON THE BEACH: Written by Arcola Emerging Artist Jahmar Ngozi, this mixture of poetry, drama, dance and visual art is steeped in cultural history. By Poetry House at The Cockpit, 2 August

FINGERED FOOD: Desperation sets in for the leftover singles at the world's longest party. Standards are lowered. Clothes are removed. Be sure to bring a plus one. Or try your luck. By Disposable Theatre at Camden People's Theatre, 3-4 August

Van Gogh on the Beach.

NEON: Jude meets a chap who claims to be God — not God's gift for a change. She then gets caught up in the birth of a new religion. A witty yet morbid new play about finding faith in the unlikeliest places. By Caged Bird Theatre at Lion and Unicorn Theatre, 6-8 August

CENTRAL (STORY) LINE: The last Kindertransport to escape Germany arrived in England in 1940. This tells the story of three children who arrived that year, and their 67-year friendship. By Fingers Crossed at The Monkey House, Tristan Bates Theatre and Camden People's Theatre, select dates 8-23 August

Central (Story) Line

FEEL THE FEAR: Combining spoken word and physical theatre, Project Lockout present an energetic and visual examination of fear (as the play's name suggests). By Project Lockout at The Cockpit, 9-10 August

DUTCHMAN: A dark retelling of Adam and Eve, this play by the award-winning late Amiri Baraka exposes stark sexual and racial tensions. By Modern Myth Theatre at the Lion and Unicorn, 10-12 August

OBSOLETE TOMFOOLERY: A play which explores the controversial story of Britain's last convicted witch, astoundingly sent to prison in 1944. By Sycorax Theatre at Etcetera Theatre, 13 August


MEMORY SOLDIER: The story of relationships under extreme circumstance and the harsh realities of PTSD. When you're living between two realities, can life carry on like before? By Seventh Sense Theatre at Camden People's Theatre, 13-15 August

ZEUS ON THE LOOSE: An epic tale of love, deceit and infidelity that will leave you saying 'oh my gods'. Warning: not for the fainthearted. By Pandora's Door at The Cockpit, 23 August

THE HUMOUR CONDITION: What happens when life becomes devoid of laughter? From psychological effects to physical health issues, this story follows six lives and the role humour plays in each. By Closed Shop Theatre at the Lion and Unicorn, 24-26 August

The Camden Fringe runs from today until the 26 August. You can see the whole programme online or on Stagedoor, the official festival app.

Last Updated 02 August 2018