You Could Win The £5m 'ChuckleVision' Mansion By Buying A £13 Raffle Ticket

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You Could Win The £5m 'ChuckleVision' Mansion By Buying A £13 Raffle Ticket

Something look familiar about this house?

You might recognise it from the CBBC show ChuckleVision; a number of episodes starring Paul and (the late) Barry Chuckle were shot at Dancers Hill House — a Georgian, Grade II listed property in Barnet.

And in a bizarre twist, you can now win it.

The house — valued at £5.25m, and boasting a gym, home cinema, wine room and half acre lake stocked with over 2,000 fish — is being raffled off by its owners, Melanie and Nigel Walsh. It's a novel way of selling off the property — and at £13.50 a ticket, could potentially make a nifty profit.

Ironically, Dancers Hill House was originally built as a folly; a condition that the Chuckle Brothers' characters suffered from week in, week out in their TV show. Here's the house, in series 20 — yes, 20 — of ChuckleVision:

It turns out the raffle has been going since June, but the couple is clearly hoping that the recent uptick in ChuckleVision nostalgia will help to shift a few more tickets. Let's hope that at least some profits go to a charity that was close to Barry Chuckle's heart.

You can enter the competition — which closes on 16 December — here. And fingers crossed the prize goes 'to you'.

Last Updated 06 August 2018