Vandals Strike Again At Karl Marx Memorial

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 35 months ago

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Vandals Strike Again At Karl Marx Memorial
Karl Marx grave
Karl Marx Memorial in Highgate Cemetery (before the vandalism). Photo: Shutterstock

A couple of weeks ago Karl Marx's memorial in Highgate Cemetery was vandalised. The person(s) responsible had chipped away at the inscription with a hammer. Now it's happened again, only this time with slogans slathered all over the memorial in red paint.

Some of the slogans sprayed onto the memorial include 'Ideology of Starving' and 'Architect of Genocide terror + oppression mass murder [sic]'.

Although this attack is more visually arresting, it should be easier to repair the damage caused to the Grade I listed memorial this time around. Paint washes away, but after the hammer attack, the charity that manages Highgate Cemetery said the memorial would "never be the same again".

Last Updated 18 February 2019