Legendary Chophouse Simpson's Tavern Has Shockingly And Immediately Closed

Will Noble
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Last Updated 07 November 2022

Legendary Chophouse Simpson's Tavern Has Shockingly And Immediately Closed
People eat at dark wooden table in an old fashioned bistro setting
The management at Simpson's have called out the "callus and unnecessary actions" of the landlord. Image: Londonist

Staff at legendary City of London chophouse Simpson's Tavern have been left "shocked and dumbfounded" at the immediate closure of the historic chophouse restaurant, following what they call "the cynical actions of our landlord and their agents".

With rent already paid up to December 2022, Christmas bookings taken, and crackers delivered, says the Simpson's management, the establishment's Bermuda-based landlord, Tavor Holdings Ltd, has closed the venue down, "displacing a professional workforce who have been dedicated to the values and traditions of a historic icon at the Heart of the City of London..."

Close up of a pork chop, mash and peas
The restaurant may well have a mention in A Christmas Carol. Image: Londonist

Opened in its spot down an alleyway near the Royal Exchange since 1757, Simpson's Tavern is one of the oldest restaurants in London, serving up the likes of steak and kidney pudding and Barnsley chop, in wooden booths fitted with brass trimmings and surrounded by old satirical cartoons. It is even thought to be the 'melancholy tavern' in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, in which Scrooge partakes in his 'melancholy dinner' pre-haunting. In truth, Simpson's is anything but melancholy — a bustling, welcoming establishment that harks back to the hearty English lunches of old, washed down perhaps with a glass of wine or pint of Bass.

While the landlord and their agents' actions are "unconscionable", says the Simpson's management, they are not yet irreversible. Lovers of the establishment are being encouraged to fight the closure by sharing the news, and donating to a Crowdfunder campaign, attempting to raise the money needed to reopen the restaurant.

Two men walk down a tight alleyway towards Simpson's
"I find it hard to express eloquently the pain this is causing". Image: Londonist

Says the management: "We have survived fires, world wars, an industrial revolution, a plague (or pandemic as you may call it) and a mini budget for 265 years. I find it hard to express eloquently the pain this is causing and the significance of the damage [the landlord] are doing."

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Londonist has reached out to Tavor Holdings' agent for comment.