How Cute Is This 'Sacred' Monkey, Just Born At London Zoo?

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How Cute Is This 'Sacred' Monkey, Just Born At London Zoo?
Meet Kamala

Readers: let out a collective "awwwww" as you feast your eyes on the pictures of the first Hanuman langur monkey to be born at London Zoo.

But this is no ordinary monkey; Kamala is a 'sacred' monkey — named after the Hindu god Hanuman and considered sacred by Indian holy men.

Kamala was born on 23 July to parents Saffron and Rex after a 200-day gestation.

Says zookeeper Agnes Kiss, "The first Hanuman langur to be born to this troop at ZSL London Zoo and the first new arrival at Land of the Lions, this tiny primate is an exciting symbol of the success of this project.

"To mark the occasion we've called her Kamala, which means lotus flower in Gujarati — the sign of beauty, fertility and prosperity."

Visit London Zoo to see Kamala and more than 18,000 other residents.

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Last Updated 03 August 2017