Met Police Challenged To A Lip Sync Battle By Seattle Police

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 49 months ago
Met Police Challenged To A Lip Sync Battle By Seattle Police
Image: Seattle Police Department

"Metropolitan Police Service, what you got?"

It's the kind of gauntlet-laying you might expect from a cocky criminal. But no, that's a direct challenge to our Boys in Blue, from the Seattle Police Department. Challenge for what? To create a viral lip sync video, natch.

Since June, the craze has been sweeping the US — various police departments using their downtime to create impressively slick music vids. In the case of Seattle, officers mime their way through Macklemore's Downtown (us neither), while performing wheelies on push bikes and cruising round town on parking enforcement bikes. Even the Mayor of Seattle makes a cameo.

The usual sourpusses have bemoaned poor use of police time, blah blah (despite officers being off duty). But this thing is taking off. Seattle police clocked up over 18k hits on YouTube in a day.

And while they were challenged by police in Virginia to do their lip sync, the Seattle police subsequently decided to go international, challenging the Met on Facebook. The Met's response? Nothing that we can see. Maybe because Seattle Police seem to have tagged the wrong Facebook page.

Perhaps it's for the best: can we really see Cressida Dick cruising down Oxford Street in a pimped up Vauxhall Corsa, spitting Stormzy rhymes?

Then again, we do have this guy:

Seattle, watch out.

Last Updated 26 July 2018