The London Eye Is Getting A Pub

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The London Eye Is Getting A Pub
Make mine a HIGHball... geddit?

Talk about raising the bar... A quintessential British pub will momentarily become the loftiest boozer in the city, when it pops-up in one of the London Eye.

From 7-9 March, the 'King Vic' pub will be open to a select few punters (and yes, you will be able to get a round in, but only from 12pm on 8 March). The mock-up, above, shows a dartboard, although we're not sure how that'll play out with Health and Safety. We're also keen to know where the toilets are going.

We've heard of hanging gardens, but this is ridiculous

The pub is one of 20 of the Eye's 32 pods that will transformed as part of the attraction's 20th birthday celebrations, from 6-9 March. Other pods include a 'throne room', where you can get a snap with a Madame Tussauds waxwork of Her Maj; a miniature West End theatre (talk about the nosebleed seats) where someone will serenade you with songs from classic musicals; and a tiny park, paying tribute to London's eight Royal Parks.

A waxwork of the Queen will be on one of these thrones. That makes you Philip

Other activities — available in 30-minute blasts, while the Eye does its whole rotating thing — include a children's story time courtesy of Hamleys, a spin class, a disco in the sky, cocktail masterclasses and a beauty salon.

Talk about the nosebleed seats...

Tickets for the pod experiences cost £10, and go on sale on 12 February on the Eye's website. All proceeds will go to the Merlin’s Magic Wand children's charity.

Last Updated 03 March 2020

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