An Indiana Jones Statue Has Been Revealed In Leicester Square

Will Noble
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An Indiana Jones Statue Has Been Revealed In Leicester Square
The statue brandishing a whip
You'll find the statue on the north terrace of Leicester Square.

A statue of Indiana Jones — leather jacket, fedora, bullwhip and all — has been unveiled in Leicester Square.

The bronze likeness of Harrison Ford's cool-as-hell archaeology teacher has the seal of approval from the actor himself, who posed with the statue and its sculptor, Fred Tucker, during the UK premiere of the latest (and apparently last) film in the franchise, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, on 27 June.

Harrison Ford poses with the statue and it sculptor
Harrison Ford posed with the statue (and sculptor Fred Tucker) during the premiere of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. Sadly, he wasn't in costume

The statue — which is surrounded by boulders, as if Indy wasn't rugged enough — was revealed to the public on 28 June, after an initial publicity stunt saw a statue-sized crate photographed in Leicester Square at the start of the month.

The bronze effigy joins the ranks of A-lister statues in the square, which include Gene Kelly, Rowan Atkinson and Bugs Bunny. Speaking of animals, are those bronze snakes twisting their way around the railings behind the Indy statue? WE HATE SNAKES!

Last Updated 30 June 2023

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