Leaf It Out! London Hotel Unveils Houseplant-Themed Suites

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Leaf It Out! London Hotel Unveils Houseplant-Themed Suites
The living room in the Romance Suite.

An east London hotel has launched three houseplant hotel suites — apparently the UK's first — with greenery covering walls, windows, ceilings and bathrooms.

Leman Locke in Whitechapel teamed up with thejoyofplants.co.uk to launch three special suites. Each one has a different focus — relaxation, romance, or productivity — and has been designed using biophilic concepts.

Imminent deadline? Book the Productivity Suite.

Boston ferns, peace lilies and snake plants — all known for their productivity-inducing properties — have been paired with an audio experience designed to sharpen focus in the Productivity Suite. Open the mini-bar to reveal plant based ‘power snacks’ and a CBD oil shot to help you race through that spreadsheet.

No interruptions in the Productivity Suite - because no-one can find you among all the plants.

Elsewhere, couples on a mini-break can book out the Romance Suite, complete with a botanical canopy covering the bed, a soundtrack of the natural world, designed to 'excite the senses' and a 'love-boosting cocktail'. Oh, and neon lights to rival some of Soho's... adult haunts.

Nothing says 'romance' like a glaring neon light above the bed.

For us though, the Tranquil Suite sounds like just the ticket — tropical plants create an oasis of calm, offering a mini forest-bathing experience in the bathroom. The bedroom area contains air-purifying plants to help you get a deep and relaxing sleep. Wonder if they hire it out by the hour?

Indulge in a spot of forest bathing in the Tranquil Suite.

The houseplant hotel suites are available to book at Leman Locke, Leman Street, Whitechapel, from 19 October 2019.

Photos: Simone Morciano Photography

Last Updated 03 January 2020