A 360 Degree, Vertigo-Inducing Infinity Pool Is Planned For London

Laura Reynolds
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A 360 Degree, Vertigo-Inducing Infinity Pool Is Planned For London
Image: Compass Pools

If you suffer from vertigo, look away now. The world's first 360 degree infinity pool is planned for London, and it's making us wobbly at the knees.

Swimming pool design company Compass Pools has revealed designs for Infinity London, an open air lido on top of a 55-storey skyscraper. That's 220m above London's streets — enough to turn one pool-passionate member of Team Londonist rather pale at the thought.

You'll get a good view whether you're a front crawl fan or back stroke buff: if you're not gazing at unnervingly-close helicopters in the sky, the pool's floor will be transparent, allowing you to see straight down into the core of the building — and the people down there to gaze up at you in action.

Image: Compass Pools

Things get a bit sci-fi too, with entry to the pool described thus:

Swimmers will access the pool through a rotating spiral staircase based on the door of a submarine, rising from the pool floor when someone wants to get in or out.

We can't even properly envisage what that means, but it sounds very James Bond and is definitely something we want a go on.

Don't splash out on a new pair of goggles just yet though. The top few storeys of the planned skyscraper will be given over to a luxury hotel and, you guessed it, the pool will be for the use of guests.

That's a big fat nope from Londonist's resident vertigo sufferer. Image: Compass Pools

The other catch: we don't where it'll be — or even if it'll go ahead — yet. A statement on the Compass Pools' website says:

Infinity London’s exact location is yet to be confirmed.

So it could all be a piebutterfly-in-the-sky notion, although there is a chance that construction could begin in early 2020. Fingers crossed — especially as we're still waiting for this death-defying pool to materialise.

Find out more about the plans on Compass Pools' website.

Last Updated 06 June 2019