Former Tottenham IKEA To Open As Huge Cultural Venue This September

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Former Tottenham IKEA To Open As Huge Cultural Venue This September
A vast industrial complex with 'Drumsheds' written down the side
Drumsheds is the reincarnation of Tottenham IKEA. Image: Henry Woide

Following the somewhat surprising closure of Tottenham's vast IKEA last year, it's been announced that the 608,000 square-foot warehouse space will be turned into a cultural venue.

Drumsheds — or 'DRUMSHEDS' if you're sticking to the shouty brand house style — is set to open as a 15,000-capacity cultural venue this September, showcasing "a carefully curated programme of music, arts, culture, and community."

Broadwick is behind the transformation; it also oversaw the industrial Printworks venue in Rotherhithe, which closed earlier in 2023, for a three-year renovation project. Acts there included everything from the London Symphony Orchestra to Ibiza club nights to craft beer festivals to Aphex Twin — and we hope for a similarly potent cultural cocktail at Drumsheds.

The inside of a vast industrial space
The cultural venue will have more capacity than Wembley Arena. Image: Henry Woide

Noises from the industry are already positive, with Michael Kill, CEO of the NTIA saying it's "amazing to see new investment within the sector" like this. Indeed, when it opens, Drumsheds will be one of the vastest venues of its kind — outdoing even Wembley Arena, which can hold around 2,500 fewer people.

In keeping with Broadwick's industrial chic, Drumsheds will retain various lift shafts, loading bays, and bits of machinery intact — although the meatballs and wardrobes, alas, have long bitten the dust.

Keep posted on Drumsheds on the official website.

Last Updated 14 July 2023

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