Brentford's Enchanting Musical Museum Is Under Threat - And You Can Help Save It

Last Updated 06 February 2024

Brentford's Enchanting Musical Museum Is Under Threat - And You Can Help Save It
A man on a wurlitzer, and a gramophone
The Mighty Wurlitzer is a highlight of the museum's collection. Images: __andrew via creative commons

One of London's quirkiest museums is under threat — and it needs your help to survive.

Founded 60 years ago, the Musical Museum in Brentford is a treasure trove of eccentric instruments, from dainty music boxes to gramophones to pianolas to self-bowing violins. Most of them still function, and the guided tours here are wonderfully interactive, and always memorable. The icing on the cake to any visit is watching a performance on the Mighty Wurlitzer theatre organ, which shoots up through the stage floor, and is often used to accompany silent films. Kids and adults alike never fail to be enchanted by the Musical Museum — it's genuinely one of our all-time faves.

Alas, although the museum is currently welcoming more visitors than ever — and is the #1 thing to do in Brentford according to Tripadvisor — Covid's devastating effect on the operation means that it now needs to raise £60,000 urgently, or otherwise face closure later in 2024. At time of writing, the museum has already raised almost £13,000 of that target, so things are looking hopeful. If you're in a position to put a few quid in the pot, you'd be helping to preserve a wonderful piece of London's museum heritage.

If you want to help keep the Musical Museum cranking out its eccentric brand of music, visit the Go Fund Me page, leave a donation and spread the word.