Camden Market Could Be Getting A Vagina Museum

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 14 months ago

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Camden Market Could Be Getting A Vagina Museum
Vagina Museum Camden Market
A knitted clitoris. Photo: Vagina Museum

Why do we hear so much more about penises than we do about vaginas?

Perhaps it's because so many people are uncomfortable with the word 'vagina'. 65% of 16-25 year old women say they have a problem using the words 'vagina' or 'vulva', which leads to women having fears about visiting a doctor to discuss gynaecological concerns, due to embarrassment.

There's a group of people who believe a vagina museum in London could help change that.

Jasmine and her clitorises. Photo: Vagina Museum

Nowhere in the world is there a bricks and mortar museum dedicated to vaginas, even though there's a Penis Museum in Iceland — classic Iceland, eh? London, or to be specific, Camden's Stables Market — is to be home to the Vagina Museum. It will include an exhibition space, events space, office, shop and reception... if it raises enough money via crowdfunding.

Admittedly it looks unlikely that this crowdfunding attempt will succeed. With just three days of funding left, the museum has only raised a quarter of its £130,000, target. However, stranger things have happened, and if you think a museum dedicated to gynaecological anatomy could improve life in London, here's the link to the crowdfunder.

Last Updated 15 April 2019