South London Has A New Tropical Butterfly House

Tabish Khan
By Tabish Khan Last edited 19 months ago
South London Has A New Tropical Butterfly House
Just one of the beautiful butterflies we saw. Copyright Phil Sofer.

Who doesn't love beautiful butterflies?

Stepping into the Horniman Butterfly House, it takes a while to get used to insects as large as our fist flapping around our heads. They're not shy either, and are happy landing on our arms, legs and head. But once we're used to it, it's hard not to gaze in wonder at these brilliant creatures.

A look inside this small butterfly house. Copyright Phil Sofer.

This small house is a tropical paradise of plants, and is home to hundreds of butterflies. As this is a permanent addition to the Horniman, there will be different species depending on what time of the year you visit. Handy charts are nearby to help you figure out which species has taken a sudden liking to your shoulder.

Watch the pupae hatch into butterflies in the metamorphosis zone. Copyright Phil Sofer.

You can also watch butterflies emerge from their pupae and fly off around the house. It's great fun, just watch out for the ones that land on the floor — we came close to treading on a few.

It's now open to the public and a permanent addition. Copyright Phil Sofer

As it's a relatively small building, a limited number of people are allowed in at a time, so booking a timed slot is a good idea. We're big fans of the Horniman, so it's great to see another family friendly addition in its grounds.

The Horniman Butterfly House is now open seven days a week. Individual tickets are £6, family tickets £15.

Last Updated 18 August 2017