Brrrrrr-itish Museum Announces Massive Exhibition All About The Arctic

Harry Rosehill
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Brrrrrr-itish Museum Announces Massive Exhibition All About The Arctic
Umiaq and north wind during spring whaling by Kiliii Yuyan © British Museum

The Brrrrrrr-itish Museum has announced a blockbuster exhibition for 2020, titled Arctic: culture and climate.

As that title suggests, the show is to focus on the history of the Arctic and its indigenous people, but do so through the lens of climate change. These communities have lived in the Arctic or nearly 30,000 years, but they're having to adapt to an uncertain landscape in the wake of a changing climate.

Furry all in one suit made for child at British Museum
A child's all in one suit © British Museum

The Arctic Circle is the world's northernmost region, and is home to 4 million people, 400,000 of whom are indigenous. The exhibition portrays their way of life with a blend of ancient artefacts such as 28,000 year old mammoth ivory jewellery, artworks that depict the indigenous people's harmonious relationship with the natural world, and some stunning contemporary photography showing what life in the Arctic Circle is like nowadays.

Arctic: culture and climate runs from 28 May-23 August 2020. You can book your tickets via the British Museum's website, tickets are £16.

Last Updated 09 January 2020