Lockdown Toilets: Mapped

By Londonist Staff Last edited 44 months ago

Last Updated 20 November 2020

Lockdown Toilets: Mapped
Image by M@.

Need a public loo in Lewisham? Toilet break in Tooting? Busting for a pee in Barbican?

Lockdown Loo to the rescue: mapping the public toilets currently open — and therefore the heroes of your lockdown picnic plans.

You can submit a loo-cation. You can browse for lavs in your locale. And, crucially, you can now stay out of the house for more than two hours at a time, and even risk a takeaway pint or two (or four), without a constant frisson of toilet tension.

Details are crowd-sourced — and public loos open and close capriciously — so probably worth doing some due diligence on your intended toilet before settling into a pint-heavy picnic.

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