An Interactive Map Of London's Gas Lamps

Will Noble
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Last Updated 19 December 2016

An Interactive Map Of London's Gas Lamps
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Know how many functioning gas lamps there are left in London? Allow us to shed a little light on the matter: 1,500. The oldest lamps are in Westminster Abbey and the newest light up a Covent Garden arcade.

We previously met the team which keeps them lit, in this video:

British Gas (keeper of these lights) has released an interactive map, taking you on a gas lamp tour through central London.

The 35-odd-minute stroll leads from Buckingham Palace (The Mall has gas lights on the left, electric on the right), through Trafalgar Square and into Goodwin's Court (allegedly the inspiration for Diagon Alley), ending up in Covent Garden. Here, St Paul's Church is particularly radiant with gas lamps.