A Tube Map Of Every Station's Toilet Facilities

By Maire Rose Connor Last edited 11 months ago
A Tube Map Of Every Station's Toilet Facilities

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You know how it is. You're dying for the loo but you're stuck dozens of metres underground on the tube. Do you chance it and hold on until you reach your destination? Or abandon your journey and ascend, panic-stricken and bleary-eyed, into the daylight in pursuit of a pub or a Pret that'll take pity on you and your feeble bladder? Well, with the help Transport for London's toilet map, it hopefully won't come to that.

The nifty access guide shows all the toilet facilities across the TfL network, including baby changing stations and those accessible to wheelchair users (though be warned, both of these amenities are few and far between in zone 1).

Opt for those marked in black if you're coming from the street, or red from the train.

Many of the toilets are free of charge, but you'd better hope your wallet isn't empty if you want to spend a penny in any of the station toilets mapped with an asterisk — those will charge up to 50p for your patronage.

If you're travelling on the northern end of the Jubilee line, urine luck (sorry).

According to the map, those based north of the river fare considerably better in terms of opportunities to relieve oneself. It's also a bit of a crapshoot (pardon the pun) for travellers on the Hammersmith and City Line, with a just seven facilities across the entire line.

Southbound from London Bridge? No loos for you.

Some parts of the tube may not exactly be bursting with options when nature calls, but if you've been overdoing it on the orange squash and find yourself caught short, it's worth having a gander. If you're lucky, you'll only end up sacrificing your spare change, rather than your dignity.

Last Updated 27 July 2018