Make The Most Of London's Offerings With Chip

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Make The Most Of London's Offerings With Chip

This is a sponsored article on behalf of Chip.

There is no shortage of cool and quirky things to do in London — some of them, however, can be fairly pricey. That's where Chip comes in. It's a new app that can help you save some cash without you even realising you're doing it.

With pints rarely less than a fiver, and transport fares rising every year, it's no mean feat for Londoners to end up with savings at the end of the month.

What if you woke up after a great night out with the knowledge that you'd paid for it all using savings? Sounds like a guilt-free and regret-free way to make the most of London.

Chip is the answer to your saving woes — helping you save for that special something.

Chip coordinates with your current account, its intelligent algorithms doing the work for you by looking at your average spending habits to calculate how much you can afford to save — saves are calculated every 4-7 days.

It then puts this money away for you automatically — before you know it, your stash could be pretty substantial. Little and often means you don't even notice you're putting money to one side.

Your Chip account is an instant access savings account, held in your name at Barclays — it's all regulated by the Financial Conducts Authority (FCA), so you can be safe in the knowledge that all is legit and protected.

You'll still have control of your savings though — press pause at any moment, or choose to save more or less every few days. If you manage to get friends to sign up, you'll get 1% interest for each person, up to a maximum of 5%.

Simply click 'withdraw' to transfer the money from your Chip account to your current account — it will be in there the same day if you withdraw before 2pm. For people whose income is irregular, Chip is perfect — nothing is too complex for the app's algorithms.

Saving doesn't get easier than this — download Chip on Apple and Android now, and make the most of living in the best city in the world.

Because saving is so much harder (and more important) in London, Chip is currently offering all Londoners an exclusive starting interest rate of 2% when you enter the promo code LDNSAVES

Last Updated 28 June 2017