Make Big Ben Christmassy With This Festive Snapchat Lens

By Londonist Staff Last edited 44 months ago

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Make Big Ben Christmassy With This Festive Snapchat Lens

Big Ben* is currently hidden behind scaffolding and looks really shit on selfies. Fortunately, Snapchat users can now peel away the white sheeting and reveal the famous clock face, with a Snapchat Lens.

The augmented reality filter reveals the Elizabeth Tower in all its glory denuded of dignity within a tacky snow globe. It even shows the correct time. Plonk yourself in the photo, and the clever AR will place a ludicrous Union Jack hat on your head. Instant pillock.

To fire up the lens, stand within about 300m of Big Ben, with your location permissions enabled. Then, simply tap the camera screen to populate the lens carousel, where the Big Ben Lens should be obvious.

You need the latest version of Snapchat, and a reasonably new phone (iPhone 6 onwards, or recent Android).

The lens will remain available well into 2019, and 'the creative will be adapted over time'. We look forward to viewing a shattered, weeping Big Ben come 29 March.

*Yes, we know, thank you.

Last Updated 19 December 2018