Live Near Camberwell? You Might Be Getting A 'Box Park'...

Will Noble
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Live Near Camberwell? You Might Be Getting A 'Box Park'...
What the 'box park' could look like. Including adding an extra 'r' to Morrisons apparently. Image: Rolfe Judd

Camberwell could be getting a 'Boxpark' style temporary development.

Plans are in the offing for Camberwell Yards — a temporary pop-up complex, comprised of 14 refitted shipping containers, which would be set up on the corner of Orhpeus Street, Daneville Road and Wren Road, outside Morrisons.

The project — designed by Rolfe Judd — proposes four containers for food and drink, eight dedicated to local businesses, one to toilets, and one for community use.

Camberwell Yards is inspired by trendy shipping container venues such as Boxpark in Shoreditch

Boxpark developments in Shoreditch and Croydon have been an inspiration for Camberwell Yards, although Camberwell Yards itself will not be a part of the Boxpark family — and those behind the scheme are keen to stress the benefits to the local community.

Camberwell councillor Tom Green told Southwark News: "It could be a space for people from all of Camberwell, not just those with a bit of disposable income. For this to work and become a welcome part of the community it should reflect the diversity of Camberwell in terms of what’s on offer."

Londonist approached the owners of the site, Mumbo Jumbo World, for comment on when the box park might go ahead, but it had no comment.

Last Updated 07 August 2017