How Crowded Will Your Commute Be? Find Out On Google Maps

By Maire Rose Connor Last edited 37 months ago

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How Crowded Will Your Commute Be? Find Out On Google Maps

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Wondering what your chances of getting a seat on your tube journey home this evening are? Now you can find out, thanks to a rather nifty new feature from Google Maps.

When you're using the app to plan a journey across London, you'll get 'transit crowdedness predictions' along with the usual route suggestions. Based on data from previous rides, this will tell you how busy your bus, tube, or overground journey is likely to be. That way, you can mentally and physically prepare for being packed like a tin of sardines on a sweltering Bakerloo Line train... or decide to delay your journey and go for a post-work pint instead.

Along with the new feature, Google Maps has revealed that the Jubilee Line is the most crowded tube line in the capital. Claustrophobes should avoid Canada Water, North Greenwich Station, and Canning Town like the plague (though this former Bethnal Green commuter personally reckons that, given the hellish temperatures the Central Line can reach, the second most congested route is worse).

With its latest update, Google Maps has also finally caught up for with rival app CityMapper by offering real-time traffic information for London buses. From now on, you'll be able to see how long your bus will be delayed based on live traffic conditions along your route.

Londoners should be able to use both new features from today. 17 other UK cities and towns have access to the feature, along with 200 cities around the globe.

Last Updated 27 June 2019