Guess How Much Sherlock's Baker Street Flat Would Cost?

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 25 months ago
Guess How Much Sherlock's Baker Street Flat Would Cost?

Ever fancied living at Sherlock's Baker Street pad, or wondered how much it'd cost to buy Buckingham Palace from Brenda? All has been revealed.

In February 2017, Which? Mortgage Advisers worked out how much it'd cost to buy some of London's best-known fictional properties. Deep pockets at the ready...

221B Baker Street (Sherlock Holmes)

Elementary it may be, but cheap it is not. This two bedroom flat, within handy walking distance of Baker Street tube station, will set you back a painful £1.7million. You'll also have to deal with coming face to face with the previous tenant every time you use the tube — and good luck getting the smell of pipe smoke out of the curtains.

Buying a flat on North Gower Street, where BBC's Sherlock is filmed, will cost you considerably less.

25 Albert Square, Walford (Eastenders)

We can't imagine it's the quietest of locations ("you ain't my muvvaaa..."), but if you fancy living in an area which estate agents would euphemistically refer to as "lively", you'll need to cough up £875,000. Plus sides: the local pub's never dull, there's a greasy spoon just round the corner and the tube station's not too far away.

Flat 5, Apollo House, Croydon (Peep Show)

By far the cheapest option on this list is Mark's flat in Peep Show. The Croydon pad would cost a mere £220,000. Then again, you'd wind up having to share it from time to time with a plank of wood-toting drug addict, a cauliflower-obsessed dad, and a flatmate you've got a chronic love-hate relationship with. The bathroom door also needs replacing, since a workman had an 'accident' with it.

Buckingham Palace (The Crown)

This one's not fictional, although it does have a starring role in Netflix's The Crown. Taking into account the Westminster location and the square footage (775 rooms, and the largest private garden in London), Buckingham Palace would work out at a cool £2.2 billion — if you can get the Queen to sell up, that is. It's not like the Royal family doesn't have anywhere else to go in London. We imagine it'd take a lot of hoovering to get rid of all that corgi hair — not to mention the refurbishment needed, the relentless line of tourists outside... actually, we'll give this one a miss.

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Last Updated 18 February 2018