Hong Kong Egg Waffles Are London's Next Big Dessert Craze

Helen Graves
By Helen Graves Last edited 57 months ago
Hong Kong Egg Waffles Are London's Next Big Dessert Craze
Well hello, crazy waffle.

Move over Cronuts, there's a new dessert in town. These awesome bubbly waffles are called egg waffles, and they've come here from Hong Kong.

Originally conceived as a way of using up broken eggs that would otherwise be wasted, the waffles became hugely popular, and are now set to take London by storm.

Sunny and Tony at their waffle stall.

Tony and Sunny are the business partners behind Bubblewrap, due to open as a permanent site on Wardour Street in March, but in the meantime Londoners can preview their waffles by visiting their Berwick Street market stall.

The batter goes in.

There are three types of sweet waffle batter available at the moment — regular, chocolate and matcha, the latter being very popular with South East Asian customers, although Sunny says that Londoners are developing a taste for it.

Once cooked, the waffles are filled with any number of combinations.

"The options are endless!", explains Tony. We chose a regular waffle with strawberries, raspberries, cream and chocolate sauce, but enjoyed it so much we had to go in for another. Our second choice? A chocolate waffle, Nutella, cream, banana and salted caramel sauce.

The waffles are surprisingly light, crisp on the outside and still squidgy in the middle. The handy cone means you don't get sticky hands and you can rip away the paper as you eat, digging in with the fork every now and then to make sure nothing is missed.

Chocolate waffle with Nutella, banana, cream and salted caramel sauce.

Their permanent menu will offer even more options, such as gelato filling for the waffles in flavours like strawberry cheesecake, pistachio, vanilla and hazelnut.  

Bubblewrap will open permanently in March at 24 Wardour Street, W1D 6QJ, offering 2-for-1 on bubble wraps for the first fortnight of opening. In the meantime, find them on Berwick Street every Saturday, 10-5pm.

Last Updated 18 April 2017