National Trust Aiming To Keep All Its Gardens OPEN During Coronavirus Pandemic

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 27 months ago

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National Trust Aiming To Keep All Its Gardens OPEN During Coronavirus Pandemic
Ham gardens near Twickenham remain open

UPDATE: The National Trust has now announced it is closing all its parks and gardens in an effort to restrict the spread of coronavirus.

The National Trust is closing all its houses, shops and cafes, BUT in a rare bit of coronavirus good news, it's aiming to keep all its gardens and green spaces open for free.

So as long you obey social distancing protocol, you can roam some of the loveliest bucolic land the country has to offer.

By our reckoning this is the list of National Trust run outdoor spaces (or properties with gardens) in London that are remaining open:

Morden Hall Park. Image: Venesha Thompson

Note that list could change, as the situation regarding coronavirus develops. Outside of London's limits there are plenty more delightful parks and gardens to enjoy, find your closest one on this map.

National Trust Director General Hilary McGrady says:

The National Trust was founded 125 years ago for the benefit of the entire nation. We want to honour our mission — to enable people and nature to thrive. Over the coming weeks we will do all that we can to keep on providing public benefit through caring for places and giving people access wherever possible.

While we will close our indoor areas to help fight the spread of coronavirus, we recognise that people are likely to need access to open space and to nature, beauty and history.

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Last Updated 22 March 2020