Free And Cheap Things To Do This Week In London: 19-25 March 2018

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Free And Cheap Things To Do This Week In London: 19-25 March 2018

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Meet Bob. © 2018 Hugo Glendinning

IAN CHENG: Bob is just like any normal pet. He's playful, curious and when you interact with him, he sometimes plays ball and at other times he's not interested. The only noticeable difference is he's not a physical organism and so he's not alive... or is he? This five-star digital creation is the work of artist Ian Cheng. Serpentine Gallery, free, just turn up, until 22 April

CROSS-DRESSING: See this brilliant exhibition of photos stretching as far back as 1880, which reveals the ways in which we use fashion to construct our gender identity. And for more exhibitions celebrating women in all of their multiplicity go here. The Photographers' Gallery, £4/free before noon, just turn up, until 3 June

SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN: Free divers dance along a wire in an underwater dream world. It's one of four pieces in the Wellcome Collection's new exhibition  Somewhere in Between, so titled because it blends the boundaries of art and science. We gave it four stars. Wellcome Collection, free, just turn up, until 27 August

JOSEPH GRIMALDI PARK: Joseph Grimaldi Park in Islington is, perhaps unsurprisingly, named after Joseph Grimaldi — a popular pantomime clown during the early 19th century. He is buried here, but the site is far from solemn. Seek out the public artwork consisting of bronze floor tiles and you'll encounter a marvellous, musical surprise. 11 Collier St (off Pentonville Road), free, just turn up, ongoing

Monday 19 March

Tart-up your tote at Drink Shop & Do.

TOTES AMAZEBALLS: If your Tesco bag for life isn't quite cutting the mustard, jazz it up at this 'tart up your tote' upcycling workshop. There will be sequins, sharpies and glitter, lots of it. Drink Shop & Do, (King's Cross), £5, book ahead, 6pm-midnight

DEMOCRACY AND THE COMMON GOOD: What has become of the common good? Is democracy in peril? If these are questions that occasionally flash across your mind then get yourself to this debate hosted by famous public philosopher Michael Sandel. St Paul's Cathedral, suggested donation £5-£10, book ahead, 6.45pm-8.45pm

SARTORIAL STORIES: DJ and producer Saul Milton of Chase & Status discusses the contents of his wardrobe, which houses more than 1000 90s Moschino pieces, as part of Super Sharp, an exhibition exploring the influence of Italian designer brands on the underground music scenes. RHS East London College of Fashion, free, book ahead, 7pm-8.30pm

Tuesday 20 March

Alongside Flora Starkey’s Film, Spring Rites, St Christopher’s Place will celebrate with the launch of delicious, seasonal menus and new spring-summer fashion collections.

SPRING RITES: This digital timelapse of seedlings blossoming into beautiful flowers should get you in the mood for spring, even if the weather hasn't. St Christopher's Place (near Oxford Street), free, just turn up, 10am-8pm, until 25 March

FEMALE AGENTS: Thought warfare was a man's world? Think again. This talk sheds light on the female agents of the second world war, whose training consisted of everything from silent killing and close combat to mock interrogations and weapons training. The National Archives (Kew), £5, book ahead, 2pm-3pm

BIRKBECK'S BIG IDEAS: When you hear about kids getting into trouble for breaching school dress codes are you enraged or in agreement? What do these conflicts tell us about childhood, politics and education? All will be discussed at this free talk led by Daniel Monk of the School of Law. City and Islington College (Finsbury Park), free, book ahead, 6pm-7.30pm

TEMPORARY TATTOO PARLOUR: Time to get designing, drawing and scaring the crap out of your parents as you pretend you've gone and got your lovers' name tattooed on your chest in this transfer tattoo making workshop. If you drink enough cocktails, you might even get the real thing done on your way home... Drink Shop & Do (King's Cross), free, just turn up, 6pm-midnight

CONWAY COLLECTIVE: Expect "dance and circus, live art and tableaux vivants, spoken words and arousing whispers" at this cornucopia of a night, inspired by Jean Cocteau’s film of The Beauty and The Beast and hosted by the multi-talented Conway Collective. Conway Hall (Holborn), free, just turn up, 7.30pm-9pm

Wednesday 21 March

The vegan wrap is packed with fresh tomatoes, red onion, tahini sauce, sweet paprika and jackfruit wrapped in flatbread.

FUTURE OF FOOD BANKS: Unfortunately the food bank isn't going to be redundant any time soon. This panel, featuring food writer Jack Monroe, looks at what can be done to help the people who rely on them. The British Academy, free, book ahead, 6.30pm-8pm

THE REAL GREEK GIVEAWAY: To celebrate the launch of its new vegan menu, The Real Greek is giving away 400 Vegan Jackfruit Gryos Souvlaki Wraps. They say the best things in life are free and we agree. The Real Greek’s London restaurants - Bankside, Soho, Spitalfields and Westfield London, free, just turn up, from noon (be quick!)

PLAYBACK FESTIVAL: Although lots of the talks have been snapped up, you can still check out the work of emerging artists at the Playback exhibition, which sees their short films blown up and projected onto large-scale and interactive displays. The ICA, free, just turn up, until 25 March

Thursday 22 March

Developing coordination, self-confidence and awareness using songs, sounds, rhythms and rhymes at the Royal Albert Hall.

STORYTELLING AND MUSIC SESSIONS: Introduce your 0-4-year-olds to the joys of music-making at this fun, informal session and you'll have a budding musician in no time. Royal Albert Hall, £5, book ahead, 10am, 11am and noon

INBETWEEN EXHIBITION AND WORKSHOP: Gentrification, migration and preservation are touched on in this exhibition about changing communities in China and the UK. Tonight at the launch there will be free beers and on Saturday, budding creatives aged 6-15 can take part in an Invisible Ink Workshop. 65 Decima Street (Borough), free, book ahead, until 24 March

CITY FREQUENCY: Immerse yourself in the streets of New York via this installation made up of recordings, spoken word and excerpts of interviews from the artist's travels around the Big Apple. A.P.T Gallery (Deptford), free, just turn up, until 1 April

THE PRINTS AND THE SHOWGIRLS: Soho burlesque venue, Murray’s Club — London’s first topless and cabaret club — launched the careers of many a showgirl and now you can see 50 hand-painted gouache and water-colour original prints, inspired by the costumes they wore. The Century Club (Soho), free, just turn up, until 7 April

Friday 23 March

Brexit means Brexit © Farah Saleh

FARAH SALEH: Still confused over what the phrase 'Brexit means Brexit' actually means? Maybe this contemporary dance performance by UK-based Palestinian choreographer Farah Saleh will help. Her aim is to use movement to investigate the collective mental health of UK residents after the EU Referendum. Siobham Davies Studios (Elephant & Castle), £5, book ahead, 7.30pm

FRIDAY NIGHT IMPROV: Expect costumes, party games and spontaneous silliness at this improv comedy party. The Nursery Theatre (Liverpool Street), £5, book ahead, 8pm-10pm

Saturday 24 March

The Institute of Imagination is partnering with Tate for an activity day for children.

IMAGINE IF FESTIVAL: Equip your kids with the skills they'll need in later life such as live coding, in this fun digital all-dayer for children. Drawing bot workshops, light bending glasses and paint touch-sensors might not be as useful but sound fun. Tate Britain, free, just turn up, 11am-4pm

URBAN LEGENDS: Looking to liven up a plain wall? See the work of six illustrators who explore the influence of myths, legends and folklore in our modern world. If you like what you see, you can purchase the work. Holdrons Arcades (Peckham Rye), free, just turn up, until 30 March

BOAT RACE DAY: Watch two heavyweights of the intellectual world make waves at this annual boat race. Arrive early to take advantage of the BBQ, bar and nab the best views. The Pier House (Chiswick Pier), free, just turn up, 2pm-5.30pm

EARTH HOUR: Thankfully for the planet, being an eco-warrior has moved out of the hippie shadows. Tonight you can show you care about the environment by switching your lights off for 60 minutes. Check out the Earth Hour map to find out which venues and restaurants are taking part. Free, just turn up, 8.30pm

Sunday 25 March

Brad's Laughter Yoga Session combines fun interactive laughter activities, eye contact, jokes, playfulness and yoga style breathing to bring a feeling of general wellbeing and a positive attitude.

LAUGHTER YOGA SESSION: Brighten up your Sunday with this endorphin-inducing yoga session, where laughter is key. The Archivist's Gallery, free (donations welcome), just turn up, 11am-noon

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