Immerse Yourself In This World Of Butterflies At Bompas & Parr's Beautiful Biosphere

Laura Reynolds
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Immerse Yourself In This World Of Butterflies At Bompas & Parr's Beautiful Biosphere

Immersive experience pioneers Bompas & Parr are opening a free-to-visit, iridescent butterfly biosphere in London this September.

Pleasures of the Nectar Dome combines butterfly ecology, photo opportunities... and nectar tasting. Witness butterflies hatching, and get a closer look at them on feeding tables, as wildlife guardians lead you on a walk through the biosphere.

Your visit begins with a chance to try a sip of nectar made using fruit nectar from flowering trees. Rainbow glasses are provided to allow you to see the world the way these beautiful winged creatures do.

The biosphere is festooned with iridescent decor and bathed in pink, and there's a 'selfie throne', complete with brightly-coloured wings.

But the biosphere has a serious side. It's raising awareness of the challenges faced by London's butterfly population, which has decreased by 76% in 40 years. Wildlife guardians are on hand to offer tips on helping butterflies to thrive, and there's a chance to donate to butterfly conservation initiatives.

Harry Parr, co-founder of Bompas and Parr, said:

Butterflies are the unsung heroes of pollination, so it’s about time Londoners had a place to go and celebrate them by saying cheers with a glass of their favourite drink — nectar. And taking the odd beautiful butterfly picture along the way as well.

Butterfly Biosphere: Pleasures of the Nectar Dome is in Grosvenor Square in Mayfair, 5-15 September 2019, 10am-7pm. Entry is free.

Last Updated 20 August 2019