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Wagamama vegan menu ★★★☆☆

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 63 months ago
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Wagamama is the latest brand to jump aboard the vegan hype train, with the launch of a brand new vegan and vegetarian menu. That’s perhaps a little disingenuous, however, as most of the items were either previously served, or had small tweaks to make the cut.

The one brand new vegan dish here is the Kare Burosu Ramen. Thinly sliced mushrooms, shichimi coated tofu, udon noodles sit in a curried broth with a noticeable chilli kick. The pressure is on this one dish, but it delivers perfectly. We’re not so talented with chopsticks and a wooden ladle, so made a bit of a mess as we slurped down the delicious broth and noodles. For drinks, try the lime infused Kansho beer, made by the Meantime Brewing Company, to balance out the spice.

The rest of the food menu is solid if not spectacular. We expected more from the noticeably plain vegetarian gyoza. Dessert's tasty — we went for a reliable white chocolate cheesecake — but noticeably thin on the vegan side, just two sorbets. However, none of this matters too much, just stick to just the ramen and you’ll leave satisfied.

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Last Updated 03 January 2019