Vapiano Is The Italian Restaurant That Satisfies Everyone

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Vapiano Is The Italian Restaurant That Satisfies Everyone

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You're heading out for dinner with a couple of friends this evening. You've managed to agree upon Italian, but haven't got much further. You fancy a pizza, but your friend prefers pasta. Then another of your party says she's hankering for a risotto. Finally, one member announces that he is on a diet and only wants a salad. Surely there's no way to satisfy all of you?

Step forward Vapiano. Not your usual Italian restaurant — this is a place where all facets of Italian cuisine are on the menu.

At Vapiano the chefs prepare meals before your very eyes — meaning every dish is completely customisable. Crave extra chilli? Sure. Allergic to onions? No problem. Want extra mozzarella with your Gamberetti e Spinaci? Just let the chef know, and watch it happen. Speaking of pasta, each piece is handmade, and their are 11 shapes to choose from, including spelt.

Dishes at Vapiano aren't just tasty and customisable, they're also affordable. That's especially helpful in a city where wallets are permanently causing their owners stress — pasta dishes at Vapiano range from £6.95 to the modest top-end dishes at £11.95. Va bene.

Speaking of speaking Italian... 'va piano' means go slow. So take it easy, and go somewhere that makes everyone happy — bonding over carefully crafted Italian food.

Check out Vapiano in Soho, Great Portland Street or Bankside.

Last Updated 23 February 2018