This Ice Cream Is So Expensive It'll Make Your Purse Melt

By Emma Gibbins Last edited 16 months ago

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This Ice Cream Is So Expensive It'll Make Your Purse Melt

The taste of childhood summer just got pricey.

While we all love to complain how our favourite cones and lollies have rocketed since we were kids, Selfridges has created what it claims is the UK's most expensive ice cream.

The Billionaire’s Soft Serve is a ludicrously lavish lickable, dreamed up in collaboration with Snowflake Luxury Gelato — and will set you back £99.

Suffice to say Selfridges is no stranger to a bit of retail theatre — previously offering customers what it said was Britain's most expensive sandwich.

If you're wondering why anyone in their right mind would pay that much for something that's gone in five minutes, maybe this list of extravagant ingredients will change your mind:

  • Salted caramel gelato
  • A handmade cone dipped in rare criollo Madagascan dark chocolate
  • Gelato spheres of mango, ginger, and passion fruit
  • A Belgian white chocolate truffle filled with salted caramel sauce
  • A raspberry sorbet macaroon decorated with white chocolate glaze and... edible diamonds (this ice got ice)
  • A healthy sprinkling of 24-carat gold leaf, a golden flake, and a chocolate spoon
  • Not to mention the four and a half hours of labour that goes into making the thing.

The concoction weighs a gargantuan 350g and needs two hands to be held upright. So maybe it'll take more than five minutes (and five people) to demolish this particular ice cream after all.

If the thought leaves you screaming, be happy in the knowledge that the gelato station also sells regular-sized frozen treats from £4.90. Which is still a tad on the steep side.

Last Updated 04 September 2017