Covent Garden's Delicious Custard Tart Shop Just Opened A Second Branch

Covent Garden's Delicious Custard Tart Shop Just Opened A Second Branch

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Pasteleria Santa Nata has opened a second branch in Covent Garden, just a couple of months after launching its first store in the area.

The store specialises in Pastéis de Nata — Portuguese custard tarts — a traditional delicacy created in Lisbon in the 1830s.

The company is owned by a Portuguese family of second-generation bakers, and uses a closely-guarded recipe to create its signature product of sweet and creamy egg custard in flaky pastry.

Peer into the windows of either store to see the pastries being rolled, shaped and filled, before tucking into a freshly made warm tart, topped with ground cinnamon or icing sugar. Production goes on throughout the day, with a bell ringing every few minutes to signify that a fresh batch has just come out of the oven.

They're priced at £1.95 each, and can be eaten in or taken away. The food menu is short — a single tart, a pack of two, a pack of four, or a pack of six are your only options — and the drinks menu includes tea, coffee, Port and Ginjinha, a traditional sour cherry liqueur that perfectly complements the sweet tart.  

Here's the flagship store on Russell Street during its opening week in April 2019:

Santa Nata, at 7 New Row, WC2N 4LH and 17 Russell Street, WC2B 5HP.

Last Updated 19 June 2019