Scoff It Like It’s Hot: London's Best Sabich

Helen Graves
By Helen Graves Last edited 60 months ago

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Last Updated 17 June 2019

Scoff It Like It’s Hot: London's Best Sabich

The sabich is basically an Israeli sandwich, introduced by Iraqi Jews. On the Sabbath, when no cooking is allowed, a cold meal of pre-fried aubergine slices, cooked potatoes, and hard-boiled eggs would be eaten. The modern sabich has been jazzed up a little, and you can expect to find hummus, salad, potatoes, parsley, chilli and amba (mango pickle) in there too. Here’s where to find the best examples.

Oli Baba's.

Honey & Co

The sabich at Honey & Co has one major difference from the others on this list — it’s served as more of a stack than a sandwich. The roasted aubergine, tahini and er, ‘dinosaur egg’ arrive on top of the pitta. A dinosaur egg, in case you’re wondering, is an egg that is boiled, and then stained on the outside to give it a crackled effect. It tastes just like a normal egg, but looks really cool. Lots of herbs and punchy flavours come as standard; this is excellent, and pretty much what you’d expect from one of the slickest restaurants in town right now.

Scrummy stuff at The Good Egg. Photo by @Clerkenwell_Boy

Oli Baba's

One for the more health conscious among you. Oli Baba’s is a street food stall, set up after a trip to Israel, where the founder fell hard for the sabich. It definitely rocks a more wholesome vibe than others we’ve tasted, with a generous sprinkle of toasted seeds, less salt and an all-round ‘I’m doing your insides good’ feel about it. It’s worth watching this one in the making, to really appreciate the care that goes into each sandwich; the egg is sliced and carefully dusted with turmeric, the sauces daintily applied, the final product handed over as if it were a newborn baby. Show that sandwich the respect it deserves by pointing it towards your mouth and eating it.

Let us introduce you to London's latest food trend.

The Good Egg

This street food stall has a strong focus on — wait for it — eggs. The sabich at The Good Egg is a colourful number, as pretty to cast your eyeballs over as it is to eat. All the regulars (aubergine, potato, egg) are in there, but you'll also find some glorious pickled bits and bobs, plus amba, tahini sauce, and a Yemenite green chilli sauce of exceptional lusciousness, called zhoug. We’re all about those sauces, for a proper, slap around the chops flavour boost. The key to the success of this sabich, according to the owners is, “in the assembly… so each mouthful gets a bit of every flavour”. Oh and salted duck eggs are still gooey in the middle. Yes please.