Recreate Dishes From Your Favourite London Restaurants At Home With These Marvellous Meal-Kits

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Recreate Dishes From Your Favourite London Restaurants At Home With These Marvellous Meal-Kits

This is a sponsored article on behalf of Plateaway.

Ever wished you had the culinary prowess of the chefs at your favourite restaurant? Or despaired at a disappointing dupe recipe that produces just a pale imitation of the dish that inspired it? Plateaway to the rescue!

This nifty new platform is your one-stop-shop for the best DIY meal kits that allow you to recreate the deliciousness of your top dining spots in the comfort of your own home. Buy a kit and you'll receive all the ingredients you need to conjure up an authentic, restaurant-quality meal, delivered to your door on the date of your choice.

Here's how it works: Plateaway's partner restaurants handle most of the preparation, while you take care of basic cooking and assembly — so you get all of the satisfaction of serving a banging home-cooked meal, while leaving the boring fiddly bits to the pros.

From sushi rolls to shawarma, there's a vibrant range of cuisines on offer and, with Plateway providing bite-sized video guides for every single one of their kits, even the most inexperienced of cooks can get in on the action.

Recreate Kodawari's signature ramen. Bring the Patty&Bun experience to your kitchen with a DIY burger box. And get a taste of contemporary Italy, courtesy of Bancone's handmade fresh pasta kits (we'll have the spicy pork and 'nduja ragu, please!)

Plateaway isn't just for dinner time, either. Its ever-growing list of partners include options for brunch, dessert and even cocktail hour. Have a deliciously lazy weekend with Shakshuka's Middle Eastern-inspired Sunday Brunch kit. Satisfy your sweet tooth with ready-to-bake puddings from Blondies Kitchen or Pan-n-Ice's ice cream rolls. And get merry on award-winning prebatched and bottled cocktails from World of Zing — no shaker or strainer required!

Got a special someone to wine and dine? Many of Plateaway's kits contain two servings, and you can even order from different restaurants in the same checkout — perfect for dinner parties with picky eaters.

Whether you're looking to learn the secrets behind your favourite dishes, avoid the hassle of grocery shopping, or simply find a fuss-free way to boost your confidence in the kitchen, Plateaway can help. What's more, with Plateaway's ‘Eat In to Help Out’ scheme, you get 10% off all kits until 1 October. Click here to peruse the current range of partner restaurants and meal kits, and don't forget to enter the code ‘eatin10’ at checkout to claim your discount.

Last Updated 15 September 2020