Fatt Pundit Is The Asian Sensation Of A Restaurant That We Predict You'll Love

Fatt Pundit ★★★★★

Tabish Khan
By Tabish Khan Last edited 13 months ago

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Fatt Pundit Is The Asian Sensation Of A Restaurant That We Predict You'll Love Fatt Pundit 5
The venison is a welcome addition to a varied menu. Image courtesy Fatt Pundit.

Hakka is a combo of Chinese and Indian cuisines that fuses two fantastic sets of flavours. It's this cuisine that the playfully named Soho restaurant Fatt Pundit will tantalise your tastebuds with — and one that we wish more restaurants in London served.

Dinner starts with some Momos, spicy dumplings, where the kid goat enjoyably bucks in the mouth — hitting tongues with a hefty and welcome whack of garam masala.

The crackling spinach is a delightful veggie dish. Image courtesy Fatt Pundit.

After this the dishes come thick and fast... and most importantly every single one is delicious. The basics of chicken lollipops and lamb chops are small spicy treats, and Fatt Pundit truly distinguishes itself in the more inventive dishes. The rabbit wontons will have you wondering why more Asian restaurants don't include game on the menu and the crackling spinach is a texture and flavour filled dish that ensures veggies are well catered for.

The aim should always be to focus on the scrumptious main menu sharing dishes but, should you have any stomach space left, dessert manages to surprise as well. A brownie that's covered with sauce as it's served — so it sizzles before our eyes — and a mango yoghurt with honeycomb offering a lighter alternative that's just as delicious.

A brownie that comes sizzling. Image courtesy Fatt Pundit.

The atmosphere is cosy and bustling on a Friday night, which is a healthy sign given the place has only been open a month. Soho may be replete with great eateries but Fatt Pundit is a welcome addition and every foodie should make room for this spicy Asian sensation.

Fatt Pundit, 77 Berwick Street, Soho. The meal in this review would cost circa £75 for two excluding drinks.

Last Updated 23 April 2019