A "Designer Doughnut" Boutique Opens In London This Month

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 18 months ago

Last Updated 11 January 2023

A "Designer Doughnut" Boutique Opens In London This Month
A mock up of the shop exterior - white paintwork with gold and black writing reading 'Donuterie by Roladin' with a handful of tables and chairs on the pavement outside

Fashion and sweet treats don't often go hand in hand, but that's about to change with the opening of a new doughnut store in central London... sort of.

Donutelier by Roladin claims to sell "the most luxurious doughnuts that London has ever seen... inspired by the intricate craftsmanship of the world's greatest fashion ateliers". Which roughly translates as "spenny doughnuts", to you and me. Don't go in expecting treats designed by the likes of Dior and Gucci either — the fashion aspect of Donutelier seems to stem from it likening itself to a high-end fashion boutique.

A pink donut topped with a swirl of cream-coloured cream and a single whole raspberry
The Vanilla Raspberry (vanilla cream, frutti di bosco varigato, wild berries crust and fresh raspberry)

But doughnuts are doughnuts, and so we'll continue...

Roladin is an Israeli bakery chain that's been in business since 1989, so it's fair to assume they know their patisserie by now. Each doughnut is hand-decorated by a team of pastry chefs (who "treat each and every doughnut as a unique piece of fine art", dontcha know?).

They do look pretty fancy, each one a light and airy golden ball (which you can watch being puffed up in store), topped off with a chic mountain of goodies. Take, for example, the Pink Royal, filled with wild berry cream and topped with mini strawberry meringues, dried raspberries and a raspberry chantilly cream. Or the Vanilla Cookie Cream, topped with vanilla cream, black cookie crumble, chantilly cream and an OREO cookie.

Too fancy? Fear not: a good old-fashioned Chocolate Sprinkles number features on the menu too.

A doughnut topped with white icing, a swirl of cream and a handful of pecans
The Vanilla Pecan (vanilla cream, pecan praline, white chocolate chantilly and caramelised pecans)

The designer doughnuts start at £5 each, which might sound pricey — and it is — but another certain ubiquitous doughnut brand has been peddling their goodies at that price in London for several years now, opening stores all over the capital, and it doesn't seem to have done them any harm.

Roladin's Charing Cross store is designed with Instagrammers and the Fash Pack in mind: think marble countertops, brass mirrored ceilings, and brass cake stands lit by glass fittings inspired by patissiers' piping bags. Doughnuts aside, the store has a counter where you'll be able to order coffee and pastries (croissants, cookies, Danish — slightly cheaper than the doughnuts) to eat in or take away.

An orange, white and black cardboard box, open with four different doughnuts inside

Bring on the doughnuts, we say.

Donutelier by Roladin opens at 48-50 Charing Cross Road on 27 January 2023.