Experience The Best Of Iceland Right Here In Hackney

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Experience The Best Of Iceland Right Here In Hackney

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Reyka Vodka are proud of their Icelandic roots, and rightly so — it's a land of massive glaciers and subterranean volcanoes, and that makes it pretty damn cool. Even cooler though, is the fact that the Rekya distillery is powered by geothermal energy, and the water used in the production process comes from a 4000 year old lava field, making this smooth beverage a pretty unique vodka indeed. It's not just made in Iceland, it's made of Iceland.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to take the people of London to Iceland, so why not settle for second best: bringing a little bit of the Icelandic spirit closer to home. This November, Hackney is playing host to a whole month of celebrations — including gigs from home-grown Icelandic talent, water projections and Icelandic feasts — showcasing the unique aspects of their Icelandic spirit.

And since you probably don't know your way round Hackney, ahem, Iceland, the folks over at Reyka have put together a handy map, detailing all the wonderful goings on. Take a peek: these bite-sized Icelandic experiences mean you needn't go far to experience something new on your travels this year. Each venue corresponds to a number on the map, and each experience will leave you feeling closer to the people of this innovative island nation.

MIXOLOGY MASTERCLASS (1): Learn from Reyka Brand Ambassador Fabiano Latham why tomato is the number one pairing for this lava filtered vodka in this mixology masterclass. You'll leave armed with all the tips you need for top flavour pairing, topped off with an Icelandic tongue twister challenge. FARM, 14 November

ICELANDIC MELODIES (2): Music is flourishing in Iceland and in celebration of the recent Iceland Airwaves Festival, Reyka are hosting an intimate session with Icelandic Artist Vio. Honeymoon, 14 - 15 November

FEAST ON THIS (3): Only the bravest are invited to this top Icelandic feast — there's no better way to experience another culture than wolfing down some of their food. Those spirited enough will love the accompanying Reyka cocktails, too. Honeymoon, 18-19 November

STREET ART (4): Peer through Reyka's gluggi (window) into an otherworldly landscape, as you watch Icelandic street artist Selur showcase his painting skills. Four Quarters East, 18-19 November

A MUSICAL JOURNEY (5): Hidden in a basement deep beneath Broadway Market, this intimate gig supported by a Northern Lights visual display will take you on a musical journey to Iceland and back. Cheaper than a plane ticket, huh? Kansas Smitty's, 24 November

NORTHERN LIGHTS (6): Normally limited to Iceland, the land of fire, ice and elves, Londoners will get the chance to experience the marvel of the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights), as they appear as a stunning water installation at The Barge House in Hackney. Now there's something you don't see every day. The Barge House, 25-26 November

HOT DOGS (7): Icelanders love hot dogs so much that they've been labelled the unofficial national dish. Reyka are offering Londoners the opportunity to try them the Icelandic way — freshly boiled in beer. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it... Number 90, 25-26 November

And don't worry if that seems like a lot to squeeze in — Rekya tandem bikes will be available across the 18-19 and 25-26 November, with Reykologists on hand to take you on a ride to check out all the Icelandic action. Those simply looking to kick back with a refreshing Reyka cocktail though, can enjoy the smooth, volcanic filtered taste of this unique vodka at one of the following partner bars across Hackney:

Mint Gun Club (8), 4a Brooke Road, N16 7JN. Shep’s (9), 392 Kingsland Road, E8, 4AA. Three Sheets (10), 510 Kingsland Road, E8 4AB. Map Maison (11), 321 Kingsland Road, E8 4DL. Original Sin (12), 129 Stoke Newington High Street, N16 OPH. Behind This Wall (13), 411 Mare Street, E81HY. Every Cloud (14), 11a Morning Lane, E9 6ND. Silver Lining (15), 11a Morning Lane, E9 6ND. Looking Glass Cocktail Club (16), 49 Hackney Road, E2 7NX. The Natural Philosopher (17), 489n Hackney Road, E2 9ED. The Gibson (18), 44 Old St, EC1V 9AQ. Helgis (19), 177 Mare Street, E8 3RH.

So what are you waiting for? Áfram með smjörið (that means 'move your butt' in Icelandic, by the way). Full of unconventional experiences, Hackney is the perfect place to get a taste of what Reyka Vodka is all about — a taste of the Icelandic spirit. Powered by volcanoes, filtered through lava rocks; this really is a vodka like no other, and it could only be made in one place: Iceland.

Join Reyka Vodka on an Icelandic journey through the streets of Hackney.  Book here.

Last Updated 23 November 2017