Jarring? The Pickle Afternoon Tea Lands In London

Jarring? The Pickle Afternoon Tea Lands In London

The pickle-themed afternoon tea has (inevitably?) landed. But are Londoners really going to relish the opportunity to try one, or will they find the whole thing a bit - oh ho! - jarring?

Various green-coloured pickled delights as part of an afternoon tea spread
Like it or not, the pickle-themed afternoon tea is here. Image: The Delight Project

Er, was this an April Fools' press release that got lost in the post? Nope, it's all true. A pickle-themed afternoon tea arrives courtesy of The Delight Project and Oh La La! Macarons, this April. Venue tbc, but somewhere in London.

But surely the menu isn't all... pickly? Sounds like it is tbf. There are pickled devilled eggs, smoked salmon and dill pickle cream cheese, pickled jelly trifles and scones with pickled strawberry conserve. All washed down with a refreshing pickled ginger beer.

Yikes. Whose vinegar-brained scheme was this? "Renowned pop-up queen", "creative mogul" and "industry disruptor" (her words) Meredith O'Shaughnessy. Previous concepts include... the word's first avocado-themed pop-up.

A freen pickle martini
Wash down all those pickly dishes with a reviving pickle martini. Image: The Delight Project

I see a pattern emerging... To be fair, the plucky pickle has found its voice in recent years, not least with the 'pickleback' (although that was very 2009), a slew of fermentation cookbooks, and the phenomenon that was Pickle Rick.

Next you'll be telling me there's pickled-themed entertainment... Why yes there is! With a bit of luck, that Pickle Rick episode of Rick and Morty on loop.

Surely this thing isn't here to stay? Absolutely not. In fact there are only four dates when the afternoon tea's on offer: 23 and 30 April, and 7 and 14 May.

And they're paying me to eat it, right? Er, actually it costs £80 per person. But but but! That does include a jar of pickles to take home with you. Might be a while before you want to open it though...

Pickle-themed afternoon tea, four dates only, 23 April-14 May 2023

Last Updated 08 December 2023

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